Mould testing, Process testing timely and accurate services.

For over 30 years, T.P.S. has been carrying out “mould testing” and “sampling” for the top mould producers at home and abroad. This service, punctual and accurate, is programmed by the production department in conjunction with the customer and it is carried out with state-of-the-art presses with clamping forces ranging from 650 to 3500 tons.

All presses used for this purpose are equipped with sequential injection control, injection-compression software, software for the management of the second injector (satellite unit), stack-mold bars, control units to differentiate the temperature of the moulds from 5 to 120 degrees and control unit for gas-assisted moulding.

All process parameters, from the processing of the raw materials according to the manufacturer’s specifications with modern Piovan de-humidifiers, to the machine parameters, starting from the Mold-Flow simulation data, are regulated by highly qualified staff with 30-year experience, to reach the highest levels of aesthetic, dimensional and functional quality. Particular attention is paid to Customers, to whom special and comfortable meeting rooms, equipped with all the basic amenities, such as wi-fi, projector, whiteboard, and bar service, are made available.

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