Policy for Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility.

The Management has developed the conviction that the implementation and maintenance of an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility, is essential in continuous improvement perspective and of Risk Based Thinking it is committed to achieve this target.

The Integrated Management System has been structured according to the logic illustrated in the following scheme: Only through constant effort and meticulous process control makes it possible to achieve the highest quality level, in this context, the Organization is committed to offer a wide range of products and services technologically cutting edge and from the point of view of Risk Based thinking.

  • Ensure compliance with the laws and technical standards applicable to the Product, Process, Customer Property (eg drawings, patents, use of logos / trademarks, specific technical standards, etc.) and to the management of personal data;
  • Ensure compliance with the laws relating to Health and Safety for Workers (eg Legislative Decree 81/08 smi) and the Environment (eg Legislative Decree 152/06 smi) constantly engaging in activities to prevent accidents and accidents at the workplace;
  • Improve the company’s competitiveness through the continuous improvement of internal processes and the purchase of new equipment;
  • Maintain the highest level of satisfaction of its customers;
  • Ensuring a suitable work environment and constant professional growth through the direct involvement of employees in the knowledge of company processes and in achieving the Quality objectives in order to increase their competence and awareness;
  • Promote collaboration with suppliers and with customers for a better and correct management of the process and the quality of the products.

The Organization has made its policy of environmental protection and safeguard of workers health and safety, believing that the development and growth cannot prescind from these factors. Based on the evaluations of environmental impacts and the risks to workers potentially due to its activity, fundamental targets are defined:

  • to design, develop and manage its activity and correlated services in order to limit risks, so that is to prevent accidents or reduce the consequences on workers, local population and environment;
  • to ensure the efficiency of used equipments reducing their impact on the environment and enable workers to operate in safety;
  • to manage optimally produced wastes, ensuring maximum effort in facilitation of recycling and recovery activities, protecting soil and water from possible pollution or alteration and keep down emissions into the atmosphere;
  • to ensure to all employees a healthy and safe workplace, in the awareness of present risks and measures adopted in order to reduce them;
  • to train and sensitize the staff awareness of fundamental environmental problems and proper conduct of Company business;
  • to ensure the achievement of the objectives of environmental improvement and safety through proper planning and monitoring of executive phases;
  • to ensure to employees, customers and suppliers that each phase of activity takes place in accordance with the laws in force, minimizing the number of anomalies and evaluating systematically the typology and cause;
  • to assist people working on behalf of the company, in order to avoid that they inadvertently act harming the environment or compromising the safety of workers;
  • to ensure a constant care for concrete and continuous monitoring and improvement of environmental performance and of safety with the consequent reduction of pollution and risks to health of workers.

The Organization is based on ethical principles and promotes the values of quality of life respecting the environment and safety, so it declares its adhesion and respect:

  • of all the requirements of the standard norm SA 8000;
  • of the United Nations Agreement for the Rights of Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • of all the IWO (International Work Organization) conventions;
  • of all national and international laws about this subject, with particular regard to D. Lgs. 81/08 “Consolidating Act of Security at Workplace” and relative integrative dispositions D. Lgs. 106/09, Regulation 2016/679 regarding “Confidentiality and Handling of Personal Data”, D. Lgs. 152/06 “Consolidating Environmental Act”.

The Organization guarantees to its employees the respect of requirements of Social Responsibility regarding child labour, forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining. The Organization considers its employees as a strategic resources, so the Company guarantees the respect of their rights and promotes the professional and personal development. Suppliers are considered as fundamental partners in order to achieve customer’s satisfaction.
The achievement of these goals requires maximum support of Management which is committed to involve the staff at every level stimulating it to follow the principles of present politic so that it could find concrete and daily application.
The Management is committed to maintain the certification of the Integrated Management System pursuing specific aims and targets of improvement.