30 years of history in the field of plastic materials moulding.

Founded in 1988 in the province of Treviso, T.P.S. is a dynamic industrial reality with strong expertise in the manufacturing of plastic products by the injection moulding technology. Its name is an acronym for Plastic-related Technologies and Moulds and it derives from the desire and enthusiasm of the founders to do business putting to use the rich experience developed and enhanced within the famous “Zanussi” in the previous years.

Strongly market-oriented, the company has quickly transformed its business from the simple providing of capacity to the providing of specialties, capable of offering, with the help of advanced technologies and high skills, personalized services which can always satisfy the requirements and philosophy of customers.

One of the successful strategies of T.P.S. is the passion for its customers. Our commitment is to utterly satisfy those who place their trust in the company, meeting their need in advance, supporting them in their growth and pursuit for success. A dynamic and engaging reality, where the common goal is the constant search for improvement and innovation, to offer our customers the right solution for every need. T.P.S. has a highly motivated team with a high level of professionalism and passion for results.

Company certifications

To believe in the future means to believe in quality.

T.P.S. is a firm believer in the policy of quality, intended as a set of actions involving all aspects of the management aimed at customer satisfaction, and we work methodically according to the standard required by UNI EN ISO 9001.

From the automotive industry, notoriously demanding in this respect, our company has acquired and developed quality control techniques (FMEA, SPC, etc.), which we apply equally to our whole production.
The assurance and quality control institution is structured with an appropriate metrological laboratory and suitable tools and processes for carrying out controls and inspections.
The company also operates in compliance with the international standards UNI EN ISO 45001 on safety and health of workers; UNI EN ISO 14001 on respect for the environment; SA8000 on social responsibility.


UNI EN ISO 45001

UNI EN ISO 14001

SA 8000

Our dream is our work: offering innovative systems and excellent products for the construction industry. We want to help everyone working in construction to do it better, more efficiently and more attractively, improving the quality of life.

The love for what we do, our respect for our customers, the valorisation of people, the passion for intense excellence intended as the love for quality, beauty and work done well. Search for growth, that lasts over time and respects the environment and sustainability.

We want to be the point of reference in the construction industry for those who design, distribute and construct. An innovative company that spreads a culture of excellence by offering the best products and best solutions for the environments in which we live, work and enjoy ourselves.