Job & Orienta

The project “Innovation of productive processes for eco-sustainability” has ended with the participation at the 22nd National Conference and Exhibition “Job & Orienta”, promoted by “Verona Fiere” and “Regione Veneto”, in collaboration with board of supervisors and Ministry of Labor, took place in Verona from the 22nd to the 24th November, 2012.
T.P.S. took part in a workshop, where they shared the experience and the results of the training program that focused on improving the environmental management system and maintenance of certification.Each year, “Job & Orienta” collects the enthusiasm of a large audience.
The participation at “Job & Orienta” is strong even by exhibitors from different contexts, including schools of all levels, trade associations, corporation of vocational education, in addition to companies and public corporations, no profit association and much more, all to ensure a wide and satisfying offer.